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As your business grows, imitators may try to register similar domain names to falsely represent themselves to your customers.

Let’s say your domain name is, you don’t want someone else register a domain name like and steal your customers. Domain Guard will let you know by email every time a new domain name similar to yours is registered to help you protect your brand, including trademarks and copyrights.

If you have a unique domain name and want to keep it that way, get Domain Guard for only ${{dollar}}.{{cent}} !


Please note that currently Domain Guard is available for .com and .net extensions.
Please note you will be billed $... for the yearly package.

Domain Privacy

Keep your person information private by replacing your information with ours in the WHOIS database. Domain Privacy will simply mask your email with ours and place a forward to your email.


Domain Monitor

Do you have your eye on a taken domain?
Domain Monitor will alert you when that taken
domain becomes available.