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Keeping your personal information private on the internet is a hard task. That is why we offer Domain Privacy to help protect you! When you register a domain name, your information is stored in a public database called the "Whois" database.

This standard domain name registration process can expose your personal contact information to the general public. We simply mask your information with ours and place a forward to your email.


Please note you will be billed $9.95 for the yearly package.

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name Registration Private; SyncSuite, LLC
address 110 East Broward Boulevard, Suite 1650
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
country USA
phone +1-877-275-8763
Private registration with Domain Privacy
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name YOUR name
address YOUR street address YOUR city
country YOUR country
phone YOUR phone number
Public registration without Domain Privacy

Domain Guard

Protect your domain from imitators with Domain Guard. This tool will let you know by email each time a new domain name similar to yours is registered.


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