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  • .club
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Website Creator Pro

Completely design your website all by yourself with WebsiteCreator Pro! Our easy-to-use website builder will give you access to a wide variety of fully customizable templates. No need for design or HTML experience, just drag and drop. Plus get a mobile-friendly version.

Full Domain Management

When you register a domain with us, Aplus provides an easy-to-use domain management interface where you can update and manage registrant/administration details, billing and technical contact information for that domain, as well as renew a registered domain.

Domain Locking

Protect your unauthorized domain transfers by simply adding Domain Locking to any of your registered domains.

Domain Transfer

Transfer Your Domain Name Today!
Why Transfer Your Domain:

Convenience - manage your domain registration and website hosting through one provider and one control panel.

Cost reduction - it costs less to buy a domain name from Aplus plus we give some multi-year discounts.

Consolidate - transfer multiple domain registrations to a single registrar for ease of managing.

How to Transfer Your Domain

New customers:

  1. Type in your domain name within the search field below, and then click Transfer.

Existing customers:

  1. Log into your control panel, select the SHOP tab along the top, click on the side menu item titled Domains then, select Domain Transfer.
  2. After you've requested a domain transfer, you'll receive an email with instructions to authorize the transfer. This email will be sent to the current registrant contact email address that is associated with this domain. In some cases your current registrar provider may or may not send an additional confirmation email as part of their own process.
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email(s) to complete the domain name transfer process.
  4. The process will not be complete until you respond to our confirmation email.
  5. Your credit card will be charged for a one year renewal that will be added to your domain term upon successful transfer.

Domain Protection

Domain Guard

As your business grows online, it may inspire imitators to register similar domain names which could be used to falsely represent themselves to your customers. With Domain Guard, we let you know by email each time a new domain name similar to yours is registered, helping you protect your trademarks, copyrights, and brand. If you have a unique domain name and want to keep it that way, protect your domain name and your brand from copycats and typo-squatters for only $4.95/yr.

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Domain Privacy

Keeping your personal information private on the internet is a hard task. That is why we offer Domain Privacy to help protect you! When you register a domain name, your information is stored in a public database called the "Whois" database. This standard domain name registration process can expose your personal contact information to the general public. We simply mask your email with ours and place a forward to your email.

For $9.95/yr, Domain Privacy conceals your private information from the public, and replaces it with our own.

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Domain Monitor

Are you interested in a domain already registered by someone else? Domain Monitor is a domain name status monitoring service that alerts you when a "taken" domain name becomes available or expires. Monitoring these changes is vital if you want to purchase a domain currently not available.

Domain Monitor can also assist you in keeping an eye on the competition. If your competitor makes any changes to their domain name record you can be alerted immediately. For $4.95/yr we monitor the status of the domain name(s) you provide and send you an email alert when any of the following attributes change: Nameserver settings, registrar status, and/or expiration date.

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Lookup a domain
What is Whois

WHOIS (who is) is an online service that allows you to search for domain registration information. WHOIS hosts a directory of all registered domains and provides publicly accessible information on the registered owner including contact and technical information. Why search WHOIS? When performing a WHOIS search you can learn the status of a domain, when a domain was registered and who registered it.

When you purchase a domain from any participating registrar, you will be asked to submit information such as your name, mailing address, email address and phone number. This is a requirement of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) who are responsible for defining and developing Internet policies for domain registrations.

Unfortunately, spammers and third party solicitors often mine the public WHOIS database to gather domain registration information for their own purposes. Aplus offers Domain Privacy, a service that protects your private information from public viewing by replacing it with our own. This way when a search is performed on WHOIS for your domain, Aplus company information will appear and not your own personal information such as mailing address and phone number. Learn more about Domain Privacy.

Renew Domain

Renew your domain registration today!

Your domain name is the first step and a key factor in branding for your business. Renew your domain name registration today to ensure your customers can find you online! sends renewal reminders to the Domain Owner and Account Holder email addresses both before and after expiration.

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Domain Registration Offerings

Check out our variety of domain registration packages and pick the one that best fits your needs. Not sure? Call our sales team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
.com $12.99 $12.49 $11.99 $11.49 $10.99
.net $12.99 $12.49 $11.99 $11.49 $10.99
.org $12.99 $12.49 $11.99 $11.49 $10.99
.info $12.99 $12.49 $11.99 $11.49 $10.99
.biz $15.99 $15.49 $14.99 $14.49 $13.99

Domain Prices

Compare our domain prices and find the best solution for you!


1 Year

2 Years 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
Redemption fee for all domains is $89 plus the domain renewal fee. WhoIs Privacy fee for eligible domains is $9.95/year.


New Domain Extensions

With more than 50 new domain extensions, enticing customers to your website is easier than ever. Step outside the .com box and discover a new domain extension perfectly suited to your business. Registering your site with a new top-level domain like .construction, .careers, .menu and many more, allows you to showcase exactly what it is that your business offers. You can easily connect a new domain extension to your existing website to generate more traffic, distinguish your brand, and stand out with a truly unique domain.

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