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Platinum outdoor concepts

Platinum Outdoor Concepts

Platinum Outdoor Concepts has been providing landscape and outdoor lighting solutions in the Kansas City Metro area since 2000. From lawn, landscape, minor construction, retaining walls, to much more, their design solutions can be seen throughout housing complexes, corporate cities, parks, restaurants, and residential areas.

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Dave Woodring grew up in the Kansas City area. After graduating from Kansas University, he worked in a corporate job where he realized that he really wanted to start his own business. His love for the outdoors made a landscaping company the perfect fit for him. In 2000, he launched Platinum Outdoor Concepts.

One of the main ways Platinum Outdoor Concepts markets its business is through referrals. Managing the business's online reputation is key for Dave to acquire new customers. Studies have shown that 76% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations (BrightLocal). Dave was looking for a way to streamline the process of managing the business's online reputation.

They knew they needed to get more reviews, but they just didn't have the time.

Before using Reviews Promoter, once a landscaping project was completed, they would send a short text to each client thanking them for their business and asking them if they would leave a Google or Facebook review.

Now that they are using the Reviews Promoter platform, requesting reviews is much faster and easier to manage. Instead of texting each customer individually, all they have to do is select who they want to send the request to and when they want to send it out.

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Aplus helped Platinum
Outdoor Concepts:

  • Receive 41 new reviews.
  • Increase reviews across all platforms by 26%.
  • Increase number of Facebook business page views per day by 157%.
  • Increase number of recommendations by 225%.
  • Receive an average of 12 new Facebook followers per month, increasing total followers by 7%
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I really like the fact you can send a mass text or email requesting reviews and that you can have the 5 or 4-star reviews go directly to your Facebook page or website when they submit a review. It's a real time saver.

Dave Woodring
Platinum Outdoor Concepts

Increase your online reviews by sending
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Track and respond to customer reviews and social media comments all from a single platform

Reviews Promoter gave Platinum Outdoor Concepts the tools to better understand their customers and enable them to respond to questions and concerns quickly.

"Without customers, there is no business, so learning about the customers is really important."

The reviews and comments have provided valuable insight into Platinum Outdoor Concepts' customers and helped them evaluate what their business is doing well and where they can improve.

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Boosting your visibility among potential customers with social media

Another key reason Platinum Indoor Concepts started using the platform was because they wanted to be more active on social media by sharing a variety of content both related and not directly related to business.

"I also love the fact that Aplus will post non-business-related social media posts for you in order to connect and grab more followers without me having to do anything. When I jump on our social media pages and I see the posts Aplus post for you, and I see people liking those posts, it's great."

Instead of having to learn and log in to each different social media platform separately to check them every single day, Dave can just log in to the Reviews Promoter tool to manage all his social media accounts.

"To sum up, if you're looking to get more exposure and save time, Reviews Promoter a great tool for any small or big business out there. It has really helped our company grow."

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"It's a great time saver for a
small business."

Dave Woodring
Platinum Outdoor Concepts
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